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Top Couples’ Hunting Trips: The Couple that Hunts Together, Stays Together

Top Couples’ Hunting Trips: The Couple that Hunts Together, Stays Together


One of the worst things that can happen in a relationship is when you stop having adventures together. One adventure that is sure to bring both romance and adrenaline back into your lives is a couple’s hunting trip. Whether you are both hunters or only one of you is, couples’ hunting trips are a wonderful way to spend time together.


There are many places that offer couples’ hunting packages for honeymoons or vacations, but X Factor Whitetails is by far the best destination!


Here are some reasons why X Factor is an incredible destination for couples.


Gorgeous Scenery


With locations in both Peru, Indiana, and West Liberty, Ohio, the X Factor ranches are close to Indianapolis and Columbus, yet it feels like you are in the middle of a sprawling countryside. They have over 1,000 acres of incredibly plush terrain with rich woods and idyllic farmlands. The gorgeous scenery is ideal for hunting, but also for sitting back, relaxing, and taking in the fresh air and tranquil natural surroundings.


Incredible Amenities


From the moment you arrive at X Factor Whitetails, you will immediately be treated like a VIP guest. The luxurious five-star service is the perfect way to get pampered with your special someone.
Enjoy their beautiful, 6,000-square-foot lodge that boasts six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a complete commercial kitchen staffed with incredible cooks who make all the meals at the lodges. Whether you are between hunts or relaxing while your partner is out, the lodge is incredibly comfortable and has several big screen televisions with Direct TV. They also have Wi-Fi and plenty of spaces to sit back and enjoy your time.

X Factor Whitetails just added an awesome new scent-free area to store gear away from all of the smells within the lodge. The plush bedding is also washed in a scent-free soap.

During your stay, the lodge’s private cooks, guides, and entire staff are there to cater to you so that you can relax, enjoy your time together, and allow them to take care of everything.


Culinary Delights


Another reason that X Factor Whitetails is the best destination for couples’ hunting trips is the food.
The meals are all made on-site by the lodge’s highly trained cooks. You can feast on comfort food, prime cuts of steak and venison, locally caught fish, and unbelievable desserts.

On the morning of a hunt, you will enjoy some coffee and a small snack. When you return from your morning hunt, a steaming hot breakfast will be reading and waiting for you. Aside from a perfect lunch, you will also be treated to a delicious dinner after the evening hunt.

If you and your special someone like eating well, this is definitely the place for you!


Deer Hunting


The main reason that X Factor Whitetails is the ideal destination for couples’ hunting trips? That’s easy: the hunting!

Remember the incredible 1,000 acres of gorgeous rolling scenery I mentioned earlier? Well, that terrain provides for massive deer and offers a challenge to even the most experience hunters. Truly, the setting is a hunter’s dream.

The whitetail deer here are some of the biggest in the country. They are known for both gorgeous typical deer and record-breaking monsters. Whether you’re interested in 150 class or 500 class deer, they can make your hunting dreams come true. They’ve been breeding trophy whitetail deer for over 20 years, and those decades of experience really show when you see these unbelievable animals.

X Factor has some of the top expert guides in the country to show you these big and beautiful bucks. They offer guided hunts with your weapon of choice. The privately owned and operated property offers thick cover, food plots, superior breeding and genetics, and properly fed whitetails of all shapes and sizes. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity that you can enjoy with your special someone, whether they are by your side during the hunt or relaxing in the lodge.


X Factor Whitetails’ Couples’ Hunts


For the couple that loves to hunt and enjoys the thrill of the great outdoors, there really isn’t a better trip to take together. But if there was any doubt that X Factor is an ideal destination for a couple’s hunting trip, particularly if one of you doesn’t enjoy hunting, they allow guests to watch you hunt, free of charge!


Go on, have an adventure together.