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Looking for a Monster Whitetail? Try a Deer Hunting Preserve

Looking for a Monster Whitetail? Try a Deer Hunting Preserve


Deer hunters are always on the lookout for monster whitetails. Yet, it’s a common complaint that with more outdoor spaces being developed, trophy bucks are getting harder and harder to find in the wild. Enter deer hunting preserves.

With impressive breeding, expert nutrition, and plenty of protected space, hunting preserves have become the best place to score that monster buck. Preserves that are well managed have completely changed the game in terms of standards, expectations, and record sizes. High-fenced areas have resulted in monster animals so impressive that they would be nearly impossible to find in the wild.

Here are some of the reasons why you should check out a deer hunting preserve if you’re looking to bag a monster whitetail.



If you’re eager to find an incredible trophy buck, hunting preserves really are your best option. Every hunter wants to score the biggest deer, but in the wild, this eagerness for big animals sometimes means that the strongest genes are vanishing. This results in only the smaller, weaker males being left to procreate.

Hunting preserves feature years (and sometimes decades) of careful and selective breeding. The largest and strongest bucks are bred, resulting in an incredible population of trophy-caliber animals. No expense is spared in making sure genetics are expertly researched and maintained. This means that hunting preserves offer you the chance to chase animals that you might never have the opportunity to see in the wild. We’re talking about the ideal monster whitetail.




In addition to ensuring the highest quality genetics, deer hunting preserves offer their animals superior nutrition and abundant food sources. Deer are provided with enriched formulas of vitamins and minerals that allow them to grow to seriously impressive sizes. In fact, many hunting preserves have their own custom nutrition and vitamin blend to ensure the highest quality animal for that particular environment.




Hunting in the wild comes with a lot of extra challenges. As more hunters use public areas, it has become harder to find deer, particularly if you’re looking for a trophy buck. There are also risks of being accidentally shot.

There is a misconception that deer from hunting preserves are less challenging to hunt. This could not be less true. Deer are born on the preserve and know every single inch of the area. They might not have been born in the wild, but these are incredibly smart wild animals. These deer have outsmarted and avoided hunters for years, thus becoming absolute monster bucks and a thrilling challenge.

Another awesome benefit of a hunting preserve is the use of professional guides that can greatly improve your chances of successfully getting a monster whitetail. They know the preserve, the animals, and the ins and outs of the area. Because these deer are so smart and suited to the area, there is a never a guarantee, but having a guide is a major perk.


The Proof Is in the Records

Record-breaking whitetails have been hunted from preserves! In fact, hunters are breaking their own records in hunting reserves and finding bigger deer every time they come back. We’re talking massive measurements of up to 516 1/8 inches!

Hunter Joe Anthony (pictured here) currently holds the SCI archery world record and  just received the news from SCI confirming that he has broken his own record right here at X Factor Whitetails. This monster buck stretches the tape at a whopping 516 1/8 inches. The prize whitetail now has the Non Typical Archery Buck World Record!


Clearly, if you are interested in the challenge of a lifetime and the chance to hunt the biggest whitetails you’ve ever seen, then a deer hunting preserve is the place to be! Book your hunt today.