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All About Indiana Whitetail Hunts

All About Indiana Whitetail Hunts

Indiana whitetail hunts are a deer hunter’s dream! The land is spacious and abundant, there are numerous options for hunting on private or public land, the soil is rich and full of nutrients for the animals, and the deer are truly magnificent!

If you haven’t yet had the chance, here is everything you need to know about hunting in the state of Indiana.


Why Indiana


Why are Indiana whitetail hunts so popular?

  1. Indiana has an incredible record of trophy-caliber whitetail deer.
  2. There are a lot of deer here, and many are high-scoring bucks in both the typical and nontypical categories. Indiana is definitely on the upward trend in all of the record books with so many monster bucks being recorded.
  3. There is so much land, and nonresident hunting licenses are very affordable.
  4. In terms of locations, some of the best whitetail deer hunting is along the Ohio River, but the southern and eastern areas have incredible terrain that has produced some amazing animals.
  5. Indiana also has impressive hunting preserves that have produced an unbelievable quality of deer. If you’re looking for a bigger buck than you have ever gotten before, it is definitely the place to be!




Be sure to check https://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/8367.htm to confirm dates for Indiana’s hunting season. At publication, dates for 2018–2019 are not yet available, but September usually kicks off the Indiana whitetail hunting season.


As with any state, it is important to hunt LEGALLY and to follow all of the specified mandates, rules, and procedures.


Licensing and Logistics


You must obtain a valid Indiana deer hunting license before going on an Indiana whitetail hunt.
In order to find out what license is right for you, you will need to know:

  • Your specific sport
  • What types of equipment you will use (this will change your hunting season)
  • Your age
  • Residency

There is also a deer license bundle, which is valid for all seasons. This allows the Indiana deer hunter to harvest three animals (with specific requirements). Check it out online to see if it is right for your hunting needs.




For all seasons, you can hunt starting one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.
Infrared Sensors and/or Electronic Calls.


The use of either of these is illegal in Indiana.


Fair Chase


In Indiana, it is illegal to use bait, dogs, or any domesticated animals, salt, or snares to hunt deer. If you have a dog, it needs to be on a leash and cannot be used to retrieve the whitetail.


Artificial deer decoys are legal.


Archery Equipment


In addition to allowing various firearms, Indiana allows you to legally hunt whitetail deer with long bows, compound bows, or recurve bows and arrows. Crossbows are legal during the archery season.


Bows must have a pull of at least 35 pounds.


Common overdraw is allowed as long as it doesn’t go beyond the string on a relaxed bow.


Arrows have to be tipped in broadheads made of metal, metal-edging, napped flint, chert, or obsidian.
Exploding arrows or poisoned heads are illegal.


Tagging and Reporting


Indiana has very specific requirements when you have just killed a whitetail deer.


As soon as the animal is dead, you must complete a temporary tag that states your name, address, license information, the animal’s sex, and the date of the kill. The tag doesn’t need to be on the corpse as long as you have filled out and are carrying the required information when you are dragging it out of a field, but it must be attached before you leave or lead the animal. Unless you have completed and attached temporary transportation tags, you must maintain visual contact or custody of the deer.


Indiana deer hunters are also required to report any kills within 48 hours. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Self-report at CheckINGame.dnr.IN.gov.
  2. Call 800.419.1326 (there is a $3 fee).
  3. Find a licensed retailer or check station who can report for you.

You will receive a confirmation number that must be recorded on a temporary transportation tag and remain with the deer until it is processed. You MUST keep the deer’s head attached until the animal is properly registered with this confirmation number.




Whitetail deer carcasses cannot be dumped in streams or any other body of water, as this is considered littering and is a finable offense. You also cannot leave carcasses for scavengers without permission of the land owner.


Before hunting in Indiana, you should go to https://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/8367.htm to check all of the rules, regulations, and specific requirements.


Book Your Indiana Hunt Today!


Indiana whitetail deer hunting is an experience you won’t regret! X Factor Whitetails has an amazing hunting lodge and monster whitetail preserve in Peru, Indiana. With an eipic lodge and expert guides, they’ll make sure you bag your dream whitetail. Check out our Indiana location or contact us to book your hunt today!