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When you book your stay with X Factor Whitetails, you’re not just signing up for a hunt. You’re chasing your shot at glory: a chance to see your name printed in the Safari Club International record books.

For us, the quest for big whitetail deer is the name of the game – literally. Our ranch is dubbed X Factor Whitetails after the record-breaking deer that sent shockwaves through the world of whitetails. Nicknamed X Factor, he was a once-in-a-lifetime monster whitetail – and he grew up right here at X Factor Whitetails.

Breaking News

Big news at X Factor Whitetails of Indiana from the 2017 hunting season! Hunter Joe Anthony (who currently holds the SCI archery world record) has just received the news from SCI confirming that he has broken his own record right here at X Factor Whitetails. This monster buck stretches the tape at a whopping 516 1/8 inches! The prize whitetail now has SCI confirmation as the Non Typical Archery Buck World Record.

The Legacy

of X Factor

The original X Factor deer that sent shockwaves through the wold of whitetails measured in at 541 2/8″ at just four years old. This massive buck was no mere stud. Tale of this big whitetail and his formidable rack spread all throughout the Ohio River Valley before he was taken down in full velvet by an X Factor hunter.

His genetics – and your chance at the SCI record – live on at our ranches today. So why stalk any old deer when you could finally take part in one of our trophy deer hunts? With 20 years of selective breeding working in your favor, you could live to tell about the time you tangled with a 400 inch whitetail deer – and bring home the rack to prove it.

The local weather and rugged terrain of Indiana and Ohio make the region a deer incubator: the area is known for growing some of the biggest whitetail deer in the country. Those regional factors, combined with a solid nutritious diet and our patented formula of vitamins and minerals – and of course, careful breeding – allow us to cultivate impressive X Factor deer that will knock your socks off!


at X Factor Whitetail

Here at X Factor, all deer are scored using the official Safari Club International (SCI) scoring system. The final calculation is determined by gross SCI score (see the official SCI scoring form for more information).

Measuring is performed by our expert guides, who have plenty of experience scoring whitetails. Scoring is done right in front of you as you wait, so there’s absolutely no question on the final numbers. Transparency is one of our chief values here at X Factor Whitetails. We want you to take part in the scoring process as you watch your record come to life!





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