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Bill Sickafus, Indiana

Bill is X Factor’s go-to man for all things whitetail. A lifetime outdoorsman and native Hoosier, Bill is no stranger to Indiana’s terrain. In fact, he’s been chasing deer across the state since the tender age of 11. In his 20 years in the outfitting business, he has guided whitetail hunts all over the U.S. and even led bear hunting parties in Canada — so he definitely has the chops to sight an unruly buck.

A skilled hunter and fisherman, Bill is also a proud Marine Corps veteran. He’s bagged both Boone and Crockett and Pope-Young scoring deer, although he humbly declined to record those trophies in the record books. Bill finds the challenge of guiding a group just as a thrilling as the hunt itself, and he gets a special pleasure out of tailoring the experience to suit each party’s needs and preferences. Whether you crave an up-close-and-personal leader or just someone to assist you while you nail that once-in-a-lifetime buck, Bill is the man for the job.

Brian Gantz, Ohio


Brian’s enthusiasm for the outdoors is matched only by his passion for leading an epic guided hunt. Ohio has some of the most beautiful terrain in the country to hunt on, which is what brought him to the area. Brian caught the hunting bug early, taking his first deer at just seven years old. He’s also able to skin, cape, and quarter your trophy buck with professional prowess on-site while you kick back in the lodge.

After spending the last seven years working on the ranch, Brian is intimately familiar with the particulars of our herd and the ins and outs of guided deer hunts in Ohio. He gets intense gratification from leading hunters to victory and even helps his younger siblings on hunts in his spare time. No slouch with a bow and arrow, Brian hunts turkey and deer when he can sneak away from the ranch.





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